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Bryan Crump

Member since: 11th Dec 2007
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Occupation: Photographer, Body Painter, Artist
Interests: art, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, travel, hiking, adventure
Website: http://www.bryancrump.com
Bio: I have been in the creative industry most of my life and involved with photography and other elements for several years now. Recently, I have chosen to focus on some new types of created images. I am going to be working on images of inspiration, love, compassion, imagination, heart, feeling and exploring emotion and the human condition. I feel it is important as an artist to embrace things about the world and express ones perceptions and project it in visuals. Sometimes not even interpreting but redefining an image to provoke thought. I want to be an artist that does not necessarily tell others what to think but rather inspires to think and think for themselves or as a community. If you are a model, actor, talent or just a creative soul that wants to inspire others, bring something new to the table and explore what it is to be human, an artist, a muse and a inspiration to others, then I want to work with you. Curious? Let me know your thoughts. I am an artist and photographer. Since I was a child, I love anything creative. I aim to inspire others to creativity as well as create visions of hope and dreams. Trying to be as diverse as possible, I also strive to maintain unique styles with my work. My goal is to mix High Fashion and Fantasy elements to create one of a kind images. I want to work on images of inspiration, hope, communication, emotion, the human condition, enlightenment and transcendence.

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