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Can't Stand The Light

by Natascha Roeoesli

<p>She doesn&rsquo;t quite understand why she can&rsquo;t stand the light despite the fact that she got wings too&hellip;like the other creatures she has seen around here..</p> <p>First of all, this is a personal painting about the question why people need to fit in - so badly that they sometimes give themselves up.<br /> I have two uncles who both grew up being gay. They had an incredibly hard time both being frowned upon by society and family. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to hide their true self and giving it up to fit in. I have a lot of respect for them besides the fact that they belong to the coolest people I know.</p> <p>I tried to capture the expression of a curious child..just before the moment the pain might hit and the fact that she is more roundish with not perfectly long legs or slender features like we are normally used to see is on purpose. Both to not have her look like a model and to give her more of a feeling of a baroc angel (even though she is non).</p> <p>Sketched some ideas first then worked from there in Adobe Photoshop CS 2.<br /></p>
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  • 19/07 2009

    Nova Jumer

  • 19/03 2009

    Dimitra Papadimitriou

    excellent artwork, love it!
  • 23/09 2008


    nice job
  • 20/08 2008

    Mario Veltri

    Fantastic colours. It reminds me alot and ancient oil painting. The face and the expression of the of the girl looks like Jennifer Tilly
  • 12/12 2007

    Phillip Taylor

    5* This reminds me of art from magic the gathering
  • 02/12 2007

    susi Lawson

    This really speaks to me , my best friend in high school was gay and he was the most fun and talented person that I have ever been in company of, he was very tormented socially and died in a suspicious drowing..I will always remember him, so this peice st
  • 23/11 2007

    Claudio Bergamin

    Great lighting... and as I read very meaningful too... love it.
  • 25/09 2007

    Hugh Waller

    Yours is one of the best (if not the best) galleries I have seen. Fantastic work, you deserve every success. I'm going to have a look at your website now.
  • 18/09 2007

    Milos Milosevic

    Fantastic peace! Colors are great too.
  • 14/09 2007

    Victor Habbick

    Beautifully done and a joy to view victor (maninblack)
  • 23/08 2007

    Sean Fox

    This has to be my favourite of your whole gallery. Amazing detail and very very good use of lighting and colour. I love the inquisitive expression on her face. I can almost picture the look she my have after the light harms her. And as a gay man i'd s