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Caer Imbromeith The Swan Maiden

by Lisa Herron

The floating motes of light her crown and the motes of light on the wings are from the swirls-and-seeds brushes by melemel and are found on the resouce disc in Issue 42 of Advanced Photoshop. I highly recomend checking them out as they are very flexible and can create many different effects in your artwork pieces. Stray feather brushes under the wings, the central waves, and the beaded strings on the chain are from *redheadstock. The rest I did with Photoshop and Poser 7 Caer Ibormeith is the Irish goddess of sleep and dreams; and perhaps a less violent version of Mare; daughter of Ethal Anubail, a faery king of Connacht. Caer Ibormeith is a shape shifter and transforms every Samhain Eve. She often took the form of a swan who lived on a lake called Dragon's Mouth, and wore a copious chain with 150 silver balls about her slender neck. She was loved by Aongus MacOg, god of youth and young love. When he asked for her hand in marrage her father said there was nothing he could do as she was a swan maiden. So, Aongus waited for a year for her magical transformation to occur on Samhain Eve and he called out her name. At that moment, she magically transformed into her human form and learned the meaning of her name which is "yew berry". They were happy for a year until it came time for her to transform again. Aongus wished to marry her and she agreed only if he could pass a test. The test was to pick her out of a flock of 150 swans. Aongus passed the test and she changed him into a swan and they flew three times around the lake and then to Aongus' palace where the sweet magic of their singing put the whole of Ireland to sleep for three days and three nights.
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  • 16/01 2010

    Alessandra Filippi

    Well I think you've done an amazing job with this one *5 from me.
  • 19/05 2008


    it's a WOW!!!lovely art piece...hope i can learn this too...more power yo creative soul!!!
  • 19/05 2008

    X X

  • 19/05 2008

    Adam Smith

    wow what a magical image