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Entrance To The Otherworld

by Lisa Herron

The foxglove flowers and oxalis are from Shimmerstock on DeviantART. The ears and butterflies are from JLStock on DeviantART. I cut the flowers apart in Photoshop to create her clothing. The wings eyes, skin and expression are created by me in Photoshop and then saved into poser 7 and rendered. I used star brushes with the blending option outer glow to make the fairy fire on the top of her tiara and branches that were also rendered in poser 7. The "Otherworld" was a domain of Celtic deities or supernatural beings such as the "Fairy People". The Otherworld was considered to be the Celtic version of heaven or in some cases hell. These worlds were hidden from mortal eyes by strong Otherworld magic. They were situated in all sort of places. Some Otherworlds were located on the islands, the dunes, dun-hills, forests, rivers, and lakes. A grand castle or even humble cottage could be the Otherworld, which would, appear at night for mortals, but would probably vanish in the morning. Normal rules do not apply in the Otherworld. A year may seem to pass in the Otherworld, but in the mortal realm centuries may have passed. Time seems to stand still and the people who live there do not age like normal mortals They seemed to remain forever young. The Otherworld also seems to be able to move from one location to another. Or there may be only one Otherworld but it exist everywhere. In otherwords, the Otherworld is a paradox. Entering the enchanted place, may be close by or it could be a place far away The Otherworld entrances are always guarded by some form of the sidhe. Foxglove is the name of the sidhe or fairy folk chosen to guard this particular entrance into the Otherworld.
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