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by John Aslarona

REVERIE Another one of my faves. I’ve had a lot of feedback about this and this is more like the 2.0 of the original that I have tweaked from some critiques that helped me realize some flaws. A lot have commented how much art worthy it is and how fitting and clever I entitled it; The real story behind it is not as colorful as it is… It is one of my experimental pieces for color blending and another attempt to blur the line between digital and traditional painting. The subject is a lady at the gym I go to, she is truly a beauty. I guess you can really tell how much beauty there is when you think she’s still pretty after running the treadmill for an hour. She’s not one of those’ wearing tights and leotards and still there’s something really sexy about her tomboy get-up. And the blonde hair and blue eyes have hypnotized yet again. I dreamed about her the day I made this piece hence I thought of a euphemism for the branding. I’ve always wanted to talk to her but it just feels weird doing so when were both doing sit-ups side by side and so I await for a sign, ‘if I ever get on the elevator alone, I might ask her out. (I’m just being silly) Connect with me @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Like-John/155702137844654 http://johnaslarona.tumblr.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/JohnAslarona http://photoshopismykung-fu.deviantart.com/
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