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Poseidon's Corridor

by Lisa Herron

This is an entry for =WrenStormBringer's Equine Dreams contest on DeviantART. In ancient Greece Poseidon was the God of the sea and protector of the waters. Poseidon was also the God of earthquakes, horses, and storms that occur on the sea. Poseidon's wife was a sea Goddess by the name of Amphitrite who was the granddaughter of the Titan Oceanus. There was a time when Poseidon wished to marry the Goddess Demeter. Demeter did not want to marry Poseidon and to keep him away she asked the God to make her the most beautiful animal as a symbol of his love. Poseidon toiled and toiled and finally he created the first horse. However, the god Poseidon took so long to create the horse that his love for Demeter had diminished. Poseidon then fell in love and had an affair with Medusa a woman of great beauty and grace. Athena turned her into a terrible, petrifying monster because Poseidon had forsaken his marriage vows. Perseus then slew Medusa by beheading her and from her bleeding neck sprung Pegasus the winged horse of the Greek Gods. Pegasus was the lingering effect of the sea God's embrace, and Pegasus became a favorite of the Muses of Mount Helicon and created the sacred spring, Hippocrene, by stamping his hoof upon the ground. It started as a rough sketch that was then scanned into Photoshop and colored. I then added filters to get different desired effects. I think I had the most fun creating the gateway because well It came to be quite by accident. I was working with some jewels I had created and was making jewelry type mountings for them and accidentally hit the distort filter. I then flipped and rotated the results and used the hue and saturation tools to achieve the desired color. The waves and background clouds are created from *redheadedstock. The birds I created by extracting a photo and creating a brush from the image. The pegasi were colored using the soft brush tool and then the smudge tool. The wings on the large Pegasus were created using the smudge tool and the distort filter and polar coordinates to give the a slightly curved effect . I also used the lens flare option to give the effect of a distant light in the the background of the gate from which the pegasi have flown through. The magic was made from star brushes with the layer blending option of outer glow option to give them that nice soft light effect.
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  • 14/07 2008

    Dawn Becker

    totally awesome...love this one