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Hall Of The Broken One

by Katy Aretxabaleta

This work is copyright by Katy Aretxabaleta, Justin Lassen & Lance Larson. NO ONE MAY USE MY ART FOR ANY REASON. NO WAY WHATSOEVER WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT... <p> WIP <p> For a friend who also happens to be one of my most favorite Composers/Musicians...Justin Lassen <p> (A multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer) <p> http://justinlassen.livejournal.com/ <p> http://www.facebook.com/l/31582PrVqENf_JHqeEDDycNaOng;justinlassen.bandcamp.com/ <p> http://justinlassen.livejournal.com/ aka *Digital Dirt Heads* <p> aka *Empire of Modern Thought* <p> First and foremost I want to Thank Justin for allowing me to use his photo for this Creation...Much respect<p> This came to me while listening to the track *Hall of the Broken Ones* by *Justin Lassen* <p> In the past, Justin had introduced us to the Art & Music of *Synaesthesia* where you can listen to the evocative music that he literally *paints* to the visual art&#39;s of some of the most thought provoking artist&#39;s ever. <p> A personal photo of which Justin granted me permission to use. Capture/Photo taken by Lance Larson http://www.facebook.com/l/31582qgnlh_2GzVBTVinTBAuZcw;www.lancelarsondesign.com/work.asp He&#39;s an awesome photographer <p> The remaining stock: Texture&#39;s are from various royalty free stocks at *Stock Exchange* aka *SXC.hu and texturemate.com <p> Various tools of Photoshop CS2 including texture/filter/layers, warping, distorting, skewing, perspective, various blend & opacity modes... <p> Thank you ever so much for viewing & Thank you Justin for for the use of your photo
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