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When Worlds Collide

by Oliver Wetter

While its stylistic inspired by high fantasy, my intention was to put the fantasy cliche a bit into question. Wherever possible I try to mix the common with the uncommon, in this case the impossible presence of the “Ninja-assassin” who breaks into the realms of fantasy. 
The most difficult part was to find the perfect balance; in terms of composition, to make it look like a surprise and equally dynamic but also to keep it serious and not look like parody. I love to give an entrance into a work similar to an architect, yet the fine artist in me strives for the happy accidents. 
I´m happy when as result a story unfolds in the viewers mind. Experimenting with various compositions in the first place allowed me to later focus on the fancy parts like the symbols, coloring and so on. All in all it took around 10 hrs for the composite and another 15 hours for the painting / coloring process. I´d like to take the opportunity and thank these folks for inspiration and the permission to use references: http://9mm-stock.deviantart.com/, http://kittyd-stock.deviantart.com/, http://arya-dwipangga.deviantart.com/, http://asvison-stock.deviantart.com/ and http://www.sxc.hu
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