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Adavänt Logo

by Katy Aretxabaleta

Logo for Friends of mine. A Metal / Folk / Classical Band. <br/ > "Adavänt" is an epic folk metal band that draws heavily upon pagan and classical influences. They wanted a Logo with a Celtic Knot and swords and this is what became of it. I&#39;m elated to say that we are both very satisfied with the end results. <br/ > <br/ > Their music is Awesome, you MUST check them out! <br/ > <br/ > http://www.myspace.com/adavant <br/ > <br/ > Drawing, Painting & Manipulation. I hope that some of you will find it to your liking. <br/ > <br/ > Thank you ever so much for viewing.
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  • 10/05 2010

    Lee Tran

    Design is well-made. And I agree with Adam that you can use some Lighting and/or Emboss to bring the red part out. I think that would've look pretty sweet.
  • 25/09 2009

    Katy Aretxabaleta

    Thank you Adam. Believe me I already tried many various methods of applying an embossed effect & none of them seemed to work with this image. I tried many methods and techniques, it just looked very fake, no matter how I applied it. Thus I decided to go w
  • 21/09 2009

    Adam Smith

    This is a nice logo and suits the genre you have created it for. I think you can take this even further with some lighting effects and perhaps some emboss filters