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The Raid

by Ida Larsen

Digital art; mixed media 'Alone he stands in the doorway His family still asleep Gazing at the starlit horizon And the moonsparkling sea When dawn comes he must leave them His home, his children and loved For his destiny beyond those waves Known only to the Norns He's already dressed ready to leave His four friends are waiting by the shore Each with a dragon ship And one hundred men prepared for war He returns to his bed kissing His sleeping wife goodbye And as he leaves his youngest son A tear rolls from his eye' - part of song by the band Amon Amarth I really love this piece, not only because the model is my man, but also because of my heartfelt and strong bond with the ancient history of the Scandinavians - My people. I have ancestors in amongst others, Scotland and norway as well as Denmark. My oldest 'known' ancestor was a viking chief in Norway in the 800 years.. (my mother studies ancestry for a hobby)
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