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Visual Acuity

by Lisa Herron

This is another entry for the NVIDIA speak visual contest held on Deviant Art. This was mostly done with the standard shape tools found in photoshop using various colors and brush settings. The wire frame glasses are done using a single jagged air brush stroke then manipulated using the polar coordinates distort filter option. The eyes are airbrushed, and of course the NVIDIA claw was downloaded from the contest site. Artist's Comments In my piece, I wanted to convey to the viewer that speaking visual is an illustration of our ideas, feelings, moods, and consciousness in a method that does away with the need of verbal language. We see and then we understand. The visual language is spoken not in words but in shapes, vivid colors, animation, video, and pictures. This visual communication displays the vast depths our world seen by the eyes, felt by the heart, and interpreted by the brain into meaning. We know that a butterfly is a butterfly or a fish is a fish by its most basic visual representation which is its shape. The vector images in my piece I feel convey to the viewer the basics of visual language. They comprise the backbone of its construction and are very much like the consents and the vowels of a spoken language . The colors that make up a fish or a butterfly are what accentuate their attractiveness, lack there of , or distinction from one another. The colors of the piece symbolize the descriptive words of the language. It’s nice to describe the sky as being blue in a sentence, but in a language of printed words what exactly is blue? Is it just the accumulation of consents and vowels that make up a word on a page, or is it cerulean, robin egg, and cobalt? These are all color shades that only have true meaning when they are visually experienced by the eyes. The blue airbrush represents motion and the verbs or action of the language. The eyes signify the coming together of shapes, actions, and colors to make something of stunning imaginative intensity with profound insight. They also embody the means though which the visual language is acquired and spoken. They encompass the immensity and scope of the visual universe, the reflections of the world in our mind’s eye, and infinite stories yet untold. NVIDIA, by facilitating a way for us to speak visual, acts as a universal translator that lets us converse with anyone anywhere in the world no matter what their language, age, race, or nationality. Speaking visual gives the artist a voice to express the beauty and the tragedy of our world and of our lives without ever audibly having to say a word.
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