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Poetically Speaking

by Lisa Herron

This was a contest entry for the NVIDIA Speak Visual Contest held on Deviant Art. We are given a chance every day to speak visually by expressing who we are in the clothing we choose to wear, how we style our hair, what accessories suit us, what colors we identify with, our facial expressions, our body language, and how we move. The contemporary gamer lives in the complex world of a graphic rich environment driven by the physics of geometries, mathematical algorithms, and the magnificence of beautifully stunning and realistic special effects. These awe inspiring visions comprise the heart and soul of the gamer and when coupled with great strategy they poetically allow us to escape to another planet, time, universe, kingdom, or era. Where just for a little while, we can transcend our physical reality and live in a world where we aren’t confined by limitations. Within these worlds we can experience the satisfaction of our accomplishments and maybe prevent planet shattering global destruction. Our characters don’t actually die they just get really big boo-boos, and perhaps the title of being OWNED by the game or the experience! So, we come back on a different day and live the whole visually enticing experience over again being this time more aware and progressing farther in our skill. Gamers also like to virtually distinguish ourselves in the games we play, the forums we talk in, and the communities we associate with. We visually embody ourselves for interpretation through the character avatars we create. Is our character happy, sad, angry, frightened, courageous, foolhardy, serious, or playful? We recognize the muscle bound character with a huge sword and full set of armor as a fighter, and the character wearing loose fitting robes, assorted vials and pouches, and holding a wand as a magic user. The squad combat medic generally does have that big red plus sign somewhere on their battle armor. We also know our rank and what clan or a group we belong to by the insignia. Is it safer to drink out of the blue bottle than the green bottle? These qualities all talk visually to other players in the game and people who may be thousands of miles away from different countries that don’t speak the same language. I decided to create an avatar or game character using Poser 7 (for the base models) and Photoshop (for the textures, skins, and materials) that speaks visually in conveying a message about what attire, class, and personality would represent an individual in a virtual reality setting. By visually projecting who we are in a 3d atmosphere we can become, a druid, a pilot, a magic user, an ogre, a Marine, a cute cuddly animal, or a serene samurai warrior that is tailor made to represent us uniquely. NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Glasses and AGEIA PhysX Accelerator blur the virtual reality line to an even greater realistic edge filled with breathtaking visuals, fluid character motions, realistic materials, and split second computations. So, put your game face on and lets talk visual! All textures and models were created by me in poser and photoshop. Except the NVIDIA claw which was downloaded from the contest server. No stock artwork has been used. The graphics hardware was the NIVIDIA GeForce 7150M.
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